Oklahoma Active Well Friday Fun Facts (05/19/2017)

Source: May Daze Official Facebook Page

Source: May Daze Official Facebook Page

Today kicked off Blanchard's May Daze Festival, an annual weekend event that brings vendors, carnival games, food trucks, and theme park rides to main street in Blanchard, OK.


Keeping with the festive, fun spirit, we put together a quick overview of "Oklahoma Active Well Fun Facts."

According to production data obtained online, Chesapeake Operating, LLC currently operates the most wells.


Stephens County has the most reported active wells, with 4,337. Six counties in the state of Oklahoma appear to not have any "active" wells . Side Note: McCurtain County, in the SE corner of Oklahoma, is known for its tree logging industry. When you go to the county clerk's office, you will notice legal instruments related to tree farms rather than oil and gas activity.

Production Type.png

The below map illustrates the number of active wells based on their main production type.

Production Type (Map).png

Notice how the above map is very similar to the Oil & Gas Fields Map produced by the Oklahoma Geological Survey.


Enjoy your weekend and be sure to check out next weeks, "Weekly Permit Update."

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