Convey640 is a simple to use, online analytics platform designed to help mineral owners, managers, and investors make informed decisions with visually represented oil & gas data.

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insights, trends, and OPPORTUNITIES


Quickly learn who is buying/selling, leasing, and operating with our easy to read dashboards.


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Unstructured, Oklahoma oil and gas data is gathered daily and loaded into the Convey640 database where it is then combined, cleaned, and organized into a user-friendly web application.

  • Land Records

  • Drilling Activity

  • Well Operations


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  • Mineral Deeds

    Discover end-buyers and see how much capital they are spending.

  • Oil & Gas Leases

    Spot active townships-ranges with built-in heat maps and visualize where leasing activity is moving.

  • Assignments

    Reveal which companies operators are using to lease and acquire acreage.


drilling activity & well operations

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  • permits

    Filter by your AOI to see which operator(s) are planning to drill future wells.

  • completions

    Find operators and locations that match your target formations.

  • well transfers

    See A&D transactions at a well level as soon as the purchases occur; often times before press releases are public.


access entire data library

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Search, filter, and sort records in our data library with Convey640's powerful, interactive table.

  • Research an AOI down to the Section level.

  • Export data into your own BI and GIS systems.

  • Unlimited exports via a CSV or Excel file.

  • Requires Premium Plan


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View, download, and print source documents inside the platform; eliminating the need for you to have multiple browsers open.




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