Oklahoma Weekly Permits to Drill: 08/21 thru 08/25

A lot of the companies who appear regularly in our permit blogs are located in Houston and the surrounding areas. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers. If you would like to donate your time or resources here are a few links:

Wow! The number of permits approved jumped to 54 for the week of 08/21 thru 08/25. 19 of the 54 were located in Kingfisher County. Devon Energy led the pack, with 9 permits approved, followed by Newfield and Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions, with 6 permits each.

08-29 Permit Count.jpg
08-29 Permit Map.jpg
08-29 Operator Count.jpg
08-29 Operator by County.jpg
08-29 Formation.jpg
08-29 TVD.jpg

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