Oklahoma Weekly Permits to Drill: 09/18 thru 09/22

The number of permits approved dipped to 30 for the week of 09/18 thru 09/22. That seems to be the trend this year; a week of gains followed by a week of losses.

The STACK continues to see development, with 13 permits approved in the original STACK counties (Kingfisher, Blaine, and Canadian).

Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions climbed their way back to the top of the leader board, with 4 permits approved, followed by Marathon Oil Company and Corterra Energy Operating, LLC.

09-26 Permit Count.jpg
09-26 Permit Map.jpg
09-26 Operator Count.jpg
09-26 Operator by County.jpg
09-26 TVD.jpg
09-26 Formation.jpg

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